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Dear Devotees, Patrons and Well-Wishers,

The Hindu Temple of Central Texas, the first traditional Hindu temple in the area, came into being in 2001 and has served the community since then.

While the temple remained closed, the daily Pooja and special poojas and abhishekams were being done by the priests without fail. We have had several homams and Poojas that streamed on-line and well-received by those who participated via YouTube.

The onslaught of COVID-19 has changed our lives forever. The pandemic resulting in the indefinite closure of the temple had completely stopped on-site devotee visits, poojas and donations. Our sincere thanks to everyone who sent in donations and sponsored e-poojas/on-line poojas.

The temple is re-opening, gradually and carefully. The closure due to COVID has been challenging. Keeping our devotees and priests safe has been and will continue to be our paramount consideration. We have used the time of closure to do some needed repairs and paint the inside and outside. The temple has started welcoming our devotees again.

We have ongoing expenses. With generous donations from many of you and the SBA PPP loan we have managed to stay afloat so far. We also have to secure the future. Enhancing our services and tailoring them to the needs of our devotes are ways we envision securing that future. Towards that, we have established a monthly Pooja sponsorship program. It can be set up as a monthly donation program through your bank, credit card or PayPal.

Suggested sponsorship is $31 (about a $ a day) for one deity (ishtadevata), $51 for two deities, $101 for all deities or however much you can contribute per month. Prasadam will be mailed to you. Annual Pooja sponsorships will continue as on our web-site.

At this time we also would like to request each of you to respond with your comments and suggestions as to how to grow the revenue for the temple. We firmly believe the heart and soul of our temple will shine through with your help.

We have been challenged by an ardent devotee to raise at least $5,000 in our first month and that devotee will match the amount, Dollar for Dollar.

To donate, please click on https://hindutemple.org/Events/monthly-archana-services.php. You may reach the site from the web-site, https://hindutemple.org/. You can set it up at your bank’s web-site to make the monthly payment, use PayPal or credit card. You may also send a check with the form duly filled in and printed.

Thank you for your continued support.

HTCT Board


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