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From: Hemanth Gundubogula
Agree. Website has come a long way. Great Job!
Visited on :
From: Y. V. Rao
The website looks nice and updated. Thanks for all those that made it happen.
Visited on : June 13, 2005
From: vimala gohil
the website is full of information.we will eager tovisit temple.ipray that GOD will give us that chance soon.
Visited on : 4th july,2005
From: Claire Varley
Its the second time I visited your web site. Looks interesting. i send you greetings .
Visited on :
From: Gulshan Malhotra
Nice web site full of info. Hope to visit, if GOD willing.
Visited on : July 19, 2005
From: shastri dinesh
i m a preist ,i m doing all types of pooja in suklayajurved or bhagavat parayan .i want to wisit all temple if posible contect me.
Visited on : 13
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