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Welcome to Hindu Temple of Central Texas, also known as “Omkara Maha Ganapathi Devasthanam“. As the name indicates, our primary deity is Omkara Mahaganapathi. Other deities are represented and we try to cater to large sections of Hindu community. We currently have 2 priests and they offer a variety of worship services to meet our Hindu community needs.

  Agasthya - A Multimedia Production Brought to You by Natyalaya School of Dance & The Hindu Temple of Central Texas  
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  Who is Agasthya who gave Aditya Hrudayam to the fatigued Sri Rama in the battle-field reciting which Sri Rama overcame his despondency and killed the evil demon, Ravana?  
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  GEETHA CLASSES (Bala Vihar)  

HTCT has been giving sandwiches to the Temple SOUP KITCHEN (for the homeless and the poor) on a monthly basis. In February and March, we gave about 150 cheese sandwiches each month. We will continue this every month. Donations made for the purpose will help.

We need volunteers for this and other activities at this temple. Please contact Mrs. Anjali Rao, Manager, at 254 771 1270 for details and how you can participate.

  Annadanam sponsorship

Dear Devotees,

We are looking for sponsors in an attempt to provide food for the devotees who come to the temple for the morning/noon pooja on weekends, One day sponsorship is $75 and two day sponsorship is $151. Those who are desirous of sponsoring may print the Annadanam flyer, fill it out and send with a check to the Hindu Temple of Central Texas."



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